October 5, 2010

LAAS Wins TogetherGreen Innovation Grant!

Los Angeles Audubon's Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program is one of 43 environmental projects to receive a 2010 TogetherGreen Innovation Grant!  The $10,000 grant will allow Los Angeles Audubon to invest in and train students from Dorsey High School, a school whose student population is predominantly African-American and Latino, in habitat restoration.  This funding will support the continuation and expansion of two successful Los Angeles Audubon programs: the Greenhouse Internship Program and the Restoration Leadership Program.  Dorsey students engaged in these two programs will to serve as researchers, volunteer leaders, teachers, and recruiters in restoring Coastal Sage Scrub habitat in the Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles.

Additionally, the Greenhouse Interns will each complete year-long research projects on native plants and wildlife. Their findings will be published in the Los Angeles Audubon newsletter, the Western Tanager, and their data used by the ecologists responsible for restoring the Baldwin Hills.

“We are so excited to partner with Los Angeles Audubon to provide our students with these fantastic ecology and leadership opportunities,” said Robert Jeffers, Arts and Humanities Lead Teacher and faculty advisor for the eco-club at Dorsey High School. “This program is uniquely situated to expose students to the complexities of culture and ecology in an urban setting.” 

Our projects are already underway! Dorsey High School students in our Greenhouse Internship and Restoration Leadership programs have been busy since Summer 2010: learning about habitat restoration techniques, developing research project proposals, and writing and implementing curriculum for elementary school students. We've posted some photos below and we will continue to update this page with student progress and achievements! 

Click on the links below to visit the program pages:

Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Internship

Baldwin Hills Restoration Leadership 

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  A few photos from the 2009-2010 school year...


Interns plant native cacti at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook State Park



Restoration Leaders build nest boxes for pollinators


Restoration Leaders survey birds along Ballona Creek in Culver City 


Leaders and Interns teach Leo Politi Elementary students how to use compasses and test soil