Save Water - Kill Your Lawn

Kill Your Lawn Comic Book CoverStudents Aid Conservation Through Science Illustration!


During the summer of 2011, a core group of students in Los Angeles Audubon's Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program completed artwork for the "Kill Your Lawn" comic book. This project was one aspect of the TogetherGreen Fellowship grant received by Los Angeles Audubon, and the goal was to create a comic-style brochure for the public about the conservation value of replacing lawn with native plant species. These students worked hard, dedicating five weeks of their summer break to the project, and they created outstanding comics that address the whys and hows of killing your lawn, how to care for native plants, and designing a food and native plant garden. We are extremely proud of the work these students have done! See the finished comics in the Kill Your Lawn Gallery. You can download the entire comic book here . Also, be sure to check out our facebook photo album with step-by-step details about  how the students created the comic book.

If you are interested in receiving a printed copy of this publication, please call (323) 876-0202 or email membership@laaudubon. Donations accepted!