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Snowy Plover Fundraiser

(May 8, 2017)
By Carol Babeli
(Photos by Stacey Vigallon/Los Angeles Audubon Society)

Rare shorebird nests on Los Angeles County Beaches
First Time in 68 Years!

Western Snowy Plovers nesting on Los Angeles County Beaches
Urgent funding is needed to protect and monitor rare nests on Los Angeles County Beaches.

Please donate today!

Great news! Western Snowy Plovers are nesting on beaches in Los Angeles County. Although Western Snowy Plovers consistently use beaches in Los Angeles County as wintering habitat, the last documented active nest in the county was in 1949 at Manhattan Beach.

 The Pacific coast population of Western Snowy Plover was listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act in 1993, because of habitat loss, impacts from non-native predators and other factors. In 2016, the population was estimated to be about 1800 adults.

We must act immediately to protect these nests!

Your donation now will have a tremendous impact on the threatened Western Snowy Plover population! Donate at:

This is an historic moment and with your help we can establish protected nesting areas to give these tiny 2 ounce birds a chance to thrive once again on our local beaches!

Los Angeles Audubon is requesting support for the work of 2 biologists and 5 field assistants for nest monitoring. We will collaborate with other Audubon chapters, US Fish & Wildlife Service and Ryan Ecological Consulting to engage approximately 100 specially-trained community volunteers who will monitor plover activity and nesting sites and collect important data to be shared with local, state, and federal agencies, other biologists, beach managers, and the public in the form of monthly and annual reports.

Los Angeles Audubon’s Environmental Education Director and 2 Project Coordinators will also lead outdoor plover education activities for schools and members of the public. Public engagement and awareness is essential to long-term Snowy Plover conservation success.

Act now! We need your help immediately to protect this tiny threatened bird.

Your generous donation will ensure 1) monitoring of nest sites by biologists and volunteers, 2) assisting of wildlife agencies and beach managers with the set-up of protective fencing, and 3) increased beach-goer awareness of Snowy Plovers and the importance of beach habitat conservation.

Time is of the essence - Please donate today!

Additional information about Western Snowy Plover can be found at:

Thank you,
Los Angeles Audubon
(Photos by Stacey Vigallon/Los Angeles Audubon Society)