Western Snowy Plover chicks & egg, by Ron LeValley

Los Angeles Audubon Society needs your support now to protect plovers!

The Conservation Program for the Western Snowy Plover, a threatened bird species found on Los Angeles County Beaches, faces an uncertain future.  Federal funding that supported this program in the past, and appeared to be on track for renewal, has been unexpectedly cancelled.

You can help by sharing our campaign with friends and associates and by donating via the following link to the campaign. We greatly appreciate any support and monetary contribution you can make!

2Beachshot1 byStaceyVigallon3Beachshot2 close up byStaceyVigallon4EnclosurePhoto byStaceyVigallon

We urgently need $25,000 to cover a portion of one year’s budget for Western Snowy Plover conservation efforts. With your generous funding support, permitted biologists will conduct roost and nest surveys on a monthly basis targeting known plover roost sites in Los Angeles County. Should nests be detected, permitted biologists will coordinate with local, state, and federal agencies to implement protective enclosures and install nest ex-closures to keep dogs and people off the nests.

Please share this time sensitive request widely with friends and associates. We greatly appreciate any support and monetary contribution you can make.

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Photo credits: 1) Ron LeValley, and 2, 3, 4) Stacey Vigallon